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Intercourse Pain

Linda Linda is a 55 year old psychiatrist referred to me by a urologist.  Linda’s chief complaints were pain with intercourse, recurrent urinary tract infections, and constipation.  She had a medical history which included anxiety disorder, scoliosis, genital herpes, and a uterine fibroid.  She had 2 prior c-sections, an appendectomy, and a myomectomy.  Her spouse was supportive.  She leads a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise routine.  Her medications included vaginal valium suppositories and macrobid which were recently prescribed by the urologist.  She used Dulcolax, an over-the-counte[...]

Anal sphincter surgery, weakness, and pelvic floor muscle strengthening program

Ruth (the doctor) Ruth came to me after being seen at another clinic for pelvic rehabilitation. She had suffered from fecal incontinence after undergoing anal sphincter repair surgery. Her surgery was complicated by an infection of the surgical site and scar tissue. I evaluated her and noted that her pelvic floor strength deep layer (III) was weak on the left side > right and she had trace (barely there) contraction of the anal sphincter. Layer II was also weak but she had a contraction present. She had been performing internal electrical stimulation with her daily pelvic floor muscle[...]

Vestibulodynia with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

Nina Nina was such a great success story!  She was one of my younger patients, age 19, with celiac disease and social anxiety disorder.  She was in a long-term relationship and in college.  She had complained of having pain during her first attempt at intercourse and any subsequent attempts with pain at the vaginal entrance.  Digital stimulation was painful but she still participated to have some sort of sexual experience with her boyfriend.  She was orgasmic with clitoral stimulation. She was very bright, very quiet but determined to fix her problem. Her physical therapy evaluation reve[...]