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Our Patient with Primary Vestibulodynia Had Successful Vestibulectomy Surgery- Her testimonial:

Posted by on Jan 31, 2015 in Testimonials

I wanted to make sure I passed along the good news to you, as I have never managed to express just how much you helped me. I found you through a random Google search at the darkest hour- I was beyond depressed about the situation, at the time. I was actually close to not wanting to live anymore. What I loved so much about therapy with you was that you let me talk about my feelings while we worked. My other PT elsewhere had told me at our first meeting, that she wasn’t there to listen to my emotional problems- that those were best directed at a therapist, not at her. It was more helpful...

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Helping Newborns and Mothers Improve Breastfeeding Through Craniosacral Therapy and Integrative Manual Therapy

Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Pregnancy

Infants sometimes have restrictions in their head, neck, and jaw mobility after traveling through the birth canal or from positioning in the womb.This can impede their ability to open their mouths fully for successful latching for breastfeeding. Craniosacral and Integrative Manual Therapies are very gentle techniques and improve relaxation of these areas to normalize movement of the head, neck, jaw, and tongue. Here we see a great example of one of patients’ newborn latching perfectly after his initial session!  

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Physical Therapy and Botox Help Patient with Vulvodynia Resume Pain-free Intercourse

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in Testimonials

A patient of ours with vestibulodynia secondary to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction was discharged right before the holidays and resumed pain-free intercourse! She underwent consistent physical therapy with us for 24 sessions and underwent intense pelvic floor muscle rehab. She also had 2 Botox injections into her pelvic floor muscles which also really helped. Her note to us after discharge: “I want to say thank you again for everything this year. I know you’re just doing your job but you managed to make what was a very hard process mentally and physically not only bearable, but even...

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