Manual Therapy

Manual TherapyManual therapy is a term used to describe hands-on physical therapy. In manual therapy, our physical therapists use their hands to apply various forms of pressure techniques on tissues and manipulate joints in an attempt to decrease pain caused by muscle spasm, nerve entrapment, viscera or organ mobility restriction, muscle or ligament tension, and joint dysfunction. Physical treatments can include massage, soft tissue and scar mobilization, deep tissue mobilization, trigger point release, stretching, various connective tissue techniques such as skin rolling and myofascial release; lymphatic drainage, craniosacral techniques, integrative manual therapy techniques, mobilization of joints, joint manipulation, mobilization of neural tissue, visceral mobilization, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular re-education techniques, and strain counterstrain (positional release of tissues). Here, at Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, all of our therapists have advanced certifications in manual therapy, and it is the focus of our treatment sessions. Patients have the greatest benefits and faster recovery when manual therapy is the largest component of the treatment sessions. Our state of the art modalities, prescription exercises, postural re-education, functional training, and patient education are all adjuncts to our expert manual therapists.