What We Do

What We Provide

We deliver an individualized treatment program to ensure that each patient receives appropriate, personalized care.

  • Hands-on, advanced manual therapy techniques
  • Resolution of acute or chronic pain
  • Correction of faulty posture or movement patterns
  • Individualized rehabilitation and guidance for recovery from illness, injury, or surgery
  • Therapy for repetitive stress or sports injuries
  • Therapy for conditions not commonly thought of as treatable with physical therapy such as visceral health problems, hiatal hernias, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines


Female and Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Women’s Health Issues


Consultations for Professionals

If you have questions and would like to consult about a starting or improving an existing women’s health practice on the phone, please arrange a time and send payment prior to the call.

For “in-person” consultation, you may arrange to have Pamela Morrison travel to your facility. Clinics may choose this option if they would like to propose a women’s health rehabilitation program to staff, administrators, or physicians. Topics may include: types of women’s health rehabilitation programs, marketing, clinic set-up, and equipment needs. Onsite training of staff can also be arranged. Fees vary for this service. Please call (212) 362-3022 for more information.