Female Pelvic Pain

There are many causes of pelvic pain in women. Our comprehensive pelvic evaluation helps identify what’s causing your pain and which of our highly effective treatment regimens will give you relief.

Male Pelvic Pain

A number of conditions can lead to pelvic pain in men. Our pelvic evaluation pinpoints what’s causing the pain so our experts can develop a customized treatment program that will work best for you.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

We understand the demands placed on the body during the different phases of pregnancy. There are tremendous increases in blood volume and hormonal changes that can impact soft tissue structures.

Sports and
Orthopedic Injuries

Exercising improves health and is strongly promoted by health care professionals, but sometimes injuries occur unexpectedly or over time.

Expert Incontinence Care

If you’re experiencing incontinence, we can help. Physical therapy is highly effective in treating all types of incontinence and bladder or bowel issues.

Expert Breast Care

Woman may experience breast pain or swelling due to a wide range of issues. We will provide you with an expert evaluation and sensitive care for your specific condition.

Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, P.C.

Our excellent team of highly experienced, certified physical therapists, with advanced orthopedics degrees and manual therapy certifications, are leaders in the field of treating pelvic pain/dysfunction and orthopedic issues. At our fully equipped office in New York City (Manhattan), our expert team uses a range of treatment approaches to provide expert, customized care for all your physical therapy needs.

The diagnoses we treat include:

Some of our services:

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