I’ve struggled with Vaginismus for many many years and wasn’t sure if I would ever get the help I needed. I found Dr. Morrison online and made an appointment to meet with her. I went to her office with my husband and had mixed feelings on the way. Fear, excitement, doubt, and nervousness had filled my mind as my appointment got closer. I had been living so long with my struggles, deep down I wasn’t sure if I would ever be cured. At my first appointment Dr. Morrison was very informative, she is so smart and knowledgeable I can’t imagine there is anyone better. There were tears, and laughs, but most of all she made me feel very comfortable. She has a calm, comforting way about her and she explained a treatment plan that would cure my Vaginismus. What Dr. Morrison truly gave me for the first time was hope. She told me no one comes into her office with Vaginismus and fails. I left her office filled with confidence but deep down there was still a thought I would be her exception. Dr. Morrison treated me with physical therapy, biofeedback and gave me exercises I did at home. I was ready to do whatever it took to make Vaginismus a thing of my past. Dr. Morrison also recommended counseling which I tried and that turned out to be a big help as well. As each visit with Dr. Morrison passed I was seeing results and I was starting to believe what she said at that first appointment, I wouldn’t fail. It has been 9 months since that first appointment and I am cured!!!!!! If feels amazing to be able to say that. My anxiety and fears of dealing with Vaginismus are gone. My husband and I are now able to have pain-free intercourse. We are so excited and I truly believe this wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Morrison and her wonderful staff. She is a life changer and I will be forever grateful to her. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner!

Hailey, Long Island

I’ve suffered with low back pain for 15 years and have been to several physical therapists. Dr. Morrison is the FIRST and ONLY therapist to evaluate me in the extensive manner that she did to come to an accurate diagnosis. She determined the underlying cause of my pain and dysfunction so that I could be appropriately treated and relived. As an internist in the area I was already familiar with Dr. Morrison’s outstanding reputation and effectiveness in the management of Women’s conditions as I have had patients with urinary/pelvic floor dysfunction who were greatly helped by her. But she is also extraordinarily well credentialed in spinal conditions as well. As a mother of a 16 month old boy, I feared I would have never been able to play with him as I wished to. And now I have hope that I will be able to do all the things that I would like to with him for years to come. Dr. Morrison has given me my life back! Thank you!!

Internist, Upper West Side

After having my baby, I had a birth injury that was not immediately diagnosed. My doctors kept sending me home when I complained of pain saying “you are a new mom and are going to be just fine”. I went to my Dr. once a week for 10 weeks until finally, I was in so much pain I went to an emergency room and was told that I had pubic symphisis and bone bruises from the birth. I was originally put into physical therapy at another practice with a therapist who did not understand my case and did not take into the account the physical demands of caring for a baby. Thankfully, a friend of mine told me she had seen Pamela Morrison, and that she was incredible. She was right! I met with her and was put on a plan to help me heal. At the first meeting, I was crying telling her my story as I realized that I had been suffering and not put on the right healing plan for 6 months. She reassured me through our visit that she could help and that we would come up with a plan.

Throughout treatments she and her associate helped me thoroughly understand the injury which helped me understand the time and work it would take to recover. These realistic expectations and their constant open communication helped me through this very difficult time in my life both physically and mentally. They did manual therapies, realign my joints, cold laser treatments, taught me how to do kegels as well as kegels with weights, gave me specific exercises and worked diligently to keep moving me up in all areas. When I arrived at their office, I was physically and mentally weak. I was not able to hold my baby without pain or have sex without pain. After the first visit with Pam, I was given hope and confidence that gave me the strength to get to where I am today. I am about to venture into taking care of my one year old on my own with my own body. I am filled with joy, thanks and gratitude for all they have given me. Thank you!

Rachel, 32, NYC

After giving birth to a large second baby, I had little control over my pelvic floor muscles.  Dr. Morrison provided me with clear, accurate diagnosis, achievable targets to reach over the course of the therapy and an extensive collection of exercises that led me back to muscle health.  I greatly appreciated that as a mother, she knew the time challenges of having a newborn and ensured that the work she gave me to do was manageable.  Dr Morrison treated me holistically, caring not only for my physical self but my emotional self as well.  Her office is welcoming and accommodating and her use of technology makes appointment booking easy and quick.  She was quick to evaluate my needs and tailored the program accordingly.  Clearly Dr. Morrison knows a great deal about her field and my speed recovery (I no longer leak urine!) is evidence of her fabulous bedside manner combined with her accurate diagnosis.

Sally, 37, NY, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I had a beautiful 6 lb 2 oz baby girl late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. Thanks so much for all of your help throughout the pregnancy! As I was pushing her out, my doctor said that it’s a good thing there was so much room for her to move in the pelvis. All the physical therapy really made a difference and helped me have an easier labor and delivery!

Chaviva, 31, NYC

Dear Pam,
I must confess
You are the best!
You’ve cured my ills
I no longer need pills
While doing leg raises
I’ll sing your praises
The sitting ham curl
Sets my brain into a whirl
The short arcs such fun
3 x per week I won’t shun
And how could I forget
The fun-to-do quad set
Doing the one leg bend
Tells me I’m on the mend
The knee to chest stretch
No longer makes me kvetch
But seriously Pam, you’ve helped me so much
You’ve eased my pain with your magic touch
I’ll always be grateful for all you’ve done
You’re simply sensational
You’re A #1!
Love, Marylin

Marylin, 80, Brooklyn

I have been suffering with vulvodynia for 2 years and had been seen at another physical therapy practice.  All they kept telling me was that I had to relax and not be stressed to cure my pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.  I didn’t start to find long lasting improvements until I went to Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy.  With help from Pam and my vulvar pain doctor, I was finally on the road to recovery.  It took about one year.  Last night my boyfriend came over and I finally had pain-free sex – yay!!!  I stretched beforehand and am feeling good today too.  Thanks Pam for everything – you have changed my body and my life! (I am so afraid that I am jinxing it by writing it out/saying it out loud – you know how I am – but I had to tell you!)  I appreciate all of the work you have done with me. You really are the best doctor I have ever been to.

Maritza, 30, NYC

I went to Pam for lower back pain caused by a bulging disk pushing against my sciatic nerve, and I’ve been seeing her for a year and a half. Treatment — which consists of massage, exercises to strengthen my lower back, and stretches — not only addresses the pain caused by the problem, but also focuses on preventing the problem. Before I went to Pam, I was told by my orthopedist that surgery was the best way to address the problem. However, since visiting Pam, I’ve been virtually pain-free for almost a year and am able to participate in all the activities and sports that I did prior to my disk problem. She is amazing—intelligent, thorough, the best there is.

Mark, 35, NYC

I came to Pam in 2002 after suffering a severe flare-up of vulvodynia and after seeing another physical therapist who purported to specialize in pelvic pain. I have seen Pam generally once a week since then. When I began seeing her, I was having severe, frequent episodes of internal burning. Pam found that my pelvic floor muscles were tight and began to work on them to “smooth out the knots.” At first I was afraid of such therapy, but Pam put me at ease. After treatment, the burning is greatly decreased and my muscles are soft, the way they should be. Although there are times when symptoms flare up, they are far less significant. Pam is now utilizing manual techniques to address the underlying cause of my pain. I find that Pam’s breadth and depth of knowledge, her understanding of the pain of vulvodynia and IC, and her compassion are unmatched. I am so glad I found her.

Update: I am so thrilled to say that I am now down to seeing Pam once a month for physical therapy to maintain smooth pelvic floor muscles.  She wants to discharge me as a patient, but I won’t let her!  The biggest change for me lately, is that I can now have pain-free sex, and really enjoy it, for the first time in many years.  I feel like a whole person again.  And I owe a humongous debt of gratitude to Pam for this.  I must admit I had trouble believing Pam over the years when she told me I would get to this point someday.  Words can’t describe how much what Pam has done for me means to me.

Update:  Beth was officially discharged in 2004 and is doing very well.

Beth, 35, New Jersey

I went to Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy to help improve my interstitial cystitis symptoms which were burning and stinging pelvic pain.  I worked with the therapists who discovered tightness in my pelvic floor, misalignment of my sacrum and tightness in my hips and back, all of which they were able to correct in a short amount of time.  By doing this, they were able to reduce my symptoms.  In addition, Pam assisted me to identify other things possibly contributing to my pain such as diet, hormonal imbalance, and stress. They were able to help me find a great physician to address these other issues.  I am a “work in progress” as I still have homework to do upon return to the UK, but I have definitely seen improvement and have benefitted from treatment.  My therapists were compassionate and caring.

Sarah M., 26, UK

I was referred to Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy for treatment of my vulvar pain which began after the birth of my third child.  I was sent to therapy to address the pain that I experienced with intercourse.  Pam evaluated my pelvic floor muscles, vestibule, alignment of my spine and pelvis.  She also performed a biofeedback evaluation which determined how much I contracted my muscles at rest.  She used various techniques to massage my muscles, correct my alignment, and loosened my epziotomy scar.  I am so glad that I travelled to finally find someone who could help my problem.

Dina, 35, Middle East

I was experiencing pain during intercourse. Based on my pain, my (then) ob-gyn had given me a working diagnosis of endometriosis. At my first visit with Pam, she suggested my pain might be caused by vestibulitis. I saw her once a week for many months — full of exercises, stretches, massage, and biofeedback—and today, I am virtually pain-free. I only wish I’d gone to her sooner. Since then, Pam has also treated me for a neck and shoulder injury and pregnancy sciatica. Each time, she nailed the problem and fixed it to perfection. I can’t tell you how many people I know walk around with pregnancy sciatica and are told by their doctors that there’s nothing that can be done for it. Not true! Within just a few sessions, Pam got rid of the sciatica for good.
It’s so hard to find a good physical therapist. Pam is stellar. She’s super-smart, well informed about all the latest therapies, and passionate about what she does. Every doctor should be as thorough, educated, and dedicated as she is.

Hilary, 35, NYC

After four years of vulvar pain, and, as a result, four years of not being able to have sex, I started seeing Pam. I noticed an improvement almost immediately. Now three months into my weekly sessions with her, I am able to have painless sex for the first time. Pam is knowledgeable, supportive, sympathetic, persistent, and encouraging. I’m certain she is the best there is, and I feel lucky to be working with such a wonderful person and therapist.

Cassie, 25, NYC

Ms. Morrison is arguably the best physical therapist in the tri-state area. Among other things, I have a herniated disk in the cervical area, as well as two bulging disks in my lower back and stenosis. Hence, I have experienced significant pain, stiffness, numbness, and a tingling sensation in my arms and hands.
Ms. Morrison put me through a set of tensile exercises with light weights to strengthen certain muscle groups in my neck and back, and she had me do a number of stretches for my chest, back, and legs. My sessions concluded with a therapeutic massage to relax the muscles in my neck and back. The result is significant in the reduction of pain, numbness, and stiffness I’d been experiencing in my neck and arms. I have also been able to avoid further surgery. I had a classic discectomy years before meeting Ms. Morrison, and it, too, has improved substantially. The extent of my torso movement expanded without pain. I have an improved quality of life.

Peter, 53, NYC

Three years ago I was diagnosed with vulvodynia. I had frequent urinary tract infections, yeast infections, pain during intercourse, and general discomfort. Forget wearing jeans or tight pants! I am happy to say that with Pam’s help, along with several other experts in the field, I feel everything is finally under control. Initially, I saw her once a week, but gradually decreased those visits and am now seeing her once a month for maintenance. Her techniques have helped strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and reduce inflammation.

Amanda, 29, NYC

After years of bouncing from therapist to therapist for treatment of my chronic pelvic floor pain associated with endometriosis, I am so grateful to have found Pam. She is a specialist with a well-educated and comprehensive approach, capable of taking on even the most stubborn problems. I have noticed considerable improvement in the strength and tone of my pelvic floor muscles and marked progress towards being pain-free. I so appreciate her willingness to listen and work through any new challenges that may arise. She has a special gift for healing, and I recommend her to any woman suffering from pelvic pain.

Haley, 26, NYC

A year ago I started physical therapy with Pam Morrison. I arrived with a bladder condition, interstitial cystitis, and everyday-all day pain in my colon. I was taking medication for the colon pain as well as several other medications prescribed for a weak bladder. I am now pain-free, off the medication, and dismissed from the doctor I was seeing who specializes in interstitial cystitis. I am eternally grateful for Pamela’s expertise in the pelvic area, and am indebted to her for helping me live my active life again.

Mary, 63, NYC

The day I walked into Pamela Morrison’s office was the day my life was transformed. For 17 years, since the birth of my first child, my personal married life was non-existent. I had extreme vaginal burning and irritation and everyday life was being compromised due to vaginal vestibulitis. During my first appointment, Pamela did a thorough exam, from taking my medical history (including all my female medical history) to giving me an external and internal exam. Based on the data, she suggested a yeast-free diet and had me insert ice fingers to relieve the burning, performed a baseline biofeedback muscular test to see my muscular response, gave me a regimen of anti-yeast supplements, and sent me home with lots of words of encouragement for the long road ahead of me to healing. I continued to see her on a weekly basis. Each week she used her expertise in physical therapy and integrative manual therapy to work on my organs, spine, muscles, and vagina. Slowly but surely I started to see results from the strict regimen I was following. My energy level increased, my body reacted every time I cheated on my diet, and my sex life was starting to come back. I slowly changed my way of life by learning how to take hold of the pain and reverse it. No one in 17 years was able to diagnose my problem or solve it. In 8 months I walked out of Pamela’s office pain-free. I am forever grateful to Pamela Morrison.

“Kelly”, 42, Glen Ridge, NJ

Pam and her staff of trained therapists have helped me realize significant relief from the painful symptoms of vulvodynia and vestibulitis that were originally triggered by an allergic reaction. Pam’s comprehensive approach to treatment has given me the gift of an improved quality of life as well as a better understanding about my body. The physical therapy sessions also identified and addressed an old lower-back and hip injury that was contributing to my cycle of pain. I no longer need medication and am planning for the birth of my first child. I am grateful to Pam for her professionalism and dedication to education. In a field with few specialists, I know that I’m getting the best (and most current) care available.

Marlene, 35, Midland Park, NJ

I am so grateful and blessed to have found Pam Morrison. She has brought back the quality of my life — in body, mind, and spirit. I have suffered from vulvodynia for three years. Before going to Pam, I had tremendous vulvar pain, trigger points in my pelvic floor, burning with urination, and hip and lower back problems. I couldn’t sit for long periods of time without pain, and I couldn’t walk for long distances without vulvar and hip pain. Since being treated by Pam for almost a year, I have breaks in the vulvar pain (some days are symptom-free), my pelvic floor has sprung back to a healthy muscle again without trigger points, and she has discovered and treated other areas that have been contributing to my vulvar pain — like tightness in my tailbone — that I didn’t even know about. Going to Pam for therapy is like peeling an onion: She goes through many layers to get to the root of and treat the problem. Pam and I are partners in my journey towards healing. I am a pro-active patient who is fighting this battle naturally, without drugs or surgery. Pam has given me daily exercises, and I have modified my diet under her guidance. Pam is extremely knowledgeable about vulvodynia and the human body, and continues to educate herself by attending conferences on all the latest research and techniques. She is very compassionate and listens to all my concerns. She is my cheerleader, giving me a gold star on my biofeedback results to hang on my refrigerator. When she works on me, I can literally feel the healing energy flowing from her hands. It’s the most amazing feeling, and I know I’m getting better. I have improved physically, emotionally, and spiritually by going to Pam and would highly recommend her office. She will change your life for the better.

Nina, 32, Hackensack, NJ

Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy treated me for a hip injury. Ms. Morrison gave me a regimen of exercises and illustrations for me to take home and work on. She would track and record my progress. She was very knowledgeable about how various parts of the body are connected and how my problem was affecting my back. This knowledge was instrumental in improving my mobility. I have been able to avoid surgery thanks to her expertise.

Cooks, 48, Astoria, NY

I have a torn ligament in my left knee and herniated discs. I also had a right hip replacement and a badly broken left femur. Pamela Morrison PTís techniques are wide in range and understand the complexities of the body. Hands on stretches give comfort, strength and ease pain. They teach you exercises best suited for you and they make sure you are doing them properly. This is the best physical therapy I have experienced in over 30 years.

Audrey, 78, NYC

I started physical therapy with Pam Morrison approximately six weeks after developing significant back pain. My MRI showed stenosis and partial herniation of the lower disks in my back. I am in good physical condition and have been exercising regularly for more than 25 years. This was my first time suffering from back pain and undergoing physical therapy.

Using a very gentle and caring approach, Pam proceeded to diagnose and treat the pain that ran from my lower back to the top of my left foot. She gave me increasingly more rigorous stretches which I followed diligently. There was constant improvement each week. In about two months, I was able to resume my exercise routine at a reduced rate. In four months, I was close to resuming my pre-injured aerobic routine.

During the early portion of my treatment, Pam provided encouragement and support to my recovery. She keeps thorough records and seeks out information on symptoms. There were a few incredible moments in the treatment process. Pam was able to locate painful areas before I could verbalize them. Another time she completely eliminated a particularly acute pain in one session.

Pam is knowledgeable and thoughtful in her treatments. Through her skill and knowledge, she got me back on my feet–literally. She continues to study new therapies and employ new techniques. She has taught me new ways to exercise that are probably safer yet more effective than what I had been doing before. It’s been a great collaborative process with a positive outcome.

Jerry, 49, New York, NY

I suffered from erratic constipation for years with terrible rectal pain.  I also had rectal surgery which left me with a lot of scar tissue.  I had physical therapy for a few months and was given biofeedback, pelvic massage, scar release, and advice on proper diet and toilet habits.  I now am having painfree bowel movements.

Bernard, 70, Brooklyn

I was treated at Pamela Morrison Physical therapy once a week for over a year for painful intercourse.  The treatment included internal and external physical therapy to release the vaginal and hip muscles.  I was assigned various exercises to do at home in addition to the weekly sessions.  Once we made significant progress in loosening the muscles, we began building back their strength, as they had weakened throughout the course of the disease.  This included kegel exercises, the strength of which was measured using an internal probe with biofeedback.  The measurements were recorded in the office and I rented a small unit to help measure the strength while doing the exercises at home.

I made significant progress with Pamela, ridding myself of the recurring non-albicans yeast infections and resolving about 80% of the pain.  Finally, Pamela suggested I see an allergist for potential reactions to yeast or wheat.  I believe seeing this physician helped me to resolve almost all of the remainder of the pain.  I was put on a yeast-free diet and was given high dosages of Nystatin.  Over time I have been able to introduce some foods containing yeast back into my diet, and most importantly I am almost 100% pain free.

Rita W.

I have been singing your praises after having a VERY successful VBAC– active labor was just about 3.5 hours and the baby came out without a hitch. I had no back labor and pushed only for about 20 minutes. I owe it all to your awesome work. Thank you thank you thank you for helping me to prepare for such an incredible experience. I would never have a baby again without working with you.  I am looking forward to working with you post partum to make sure my pelvic floor returns to normal.  Many thanks a million times over.

Stefanie, 37, NYC

I started having pain with intercourse about 6 months into marriage. After countless visits to several gynecologists and several rounds of treatment for a yeast infection, I realized that the problem was more serious than anybody was acknowledging. After doing some research online I self diagnosed myself with Vaginismus and went to see a sex therapist that supposedly specialized in pelvic pain disorders. It was a team of two therapists there, one was the sex counselor and the other was a physical therapist. I was told that relaxing, or “not thinking about it” would make the pain go away. I was given some dilator therapy to do in the office and sent home. The experience was a complete disaster and almost destroyed my marriage. After finally getting a diagnosis of Vulvar Vestibulitis several months later I heard about Pamela and decided to give her a shot. I had been dealing with painful/nonexistent sex for about 2 years at this point. Before meeting her I had honestly given up hope and was convinced that I was never going to get better. It seemed like all the doctors and therapists out there were clueless about how to treat my problem. After my consultation I had a complete change of heart. Pamela’s exam was thorough; she discussed my treatment plan and prognosis in depth so that I understood what the process would be, and what I could expect. She was supportive and encouraging and convinced that I could and would get better. It is now 10 months later and I have been discharged as a patient! I am completely pain free and having pain free intercourse finally. Pamela is more than just an excellent therapist and care provider. She was my cheerleader when I relapsed due to an infection, and kept my hopes up when I was feeling frustrated. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for everything that Pamela has done. Her PT has given me my life and my confidence back. I am forever grateful.

Rachel, 26, NYC

Some people have a gift. Fortunately Pam Morrison has a gift for physical therapy that in my book earn her the label ‘magic hands’. I have had many sports injuries over the years and have seen many PTs, physical trainers, chiropractors, and massage therapists, with moderate success. I came to Pam via my doula in my 5th month of pregnancy, barely sleeping at night and painfully maneuvering the days with an old injury flare-up. I could barely bend over and lift my legs with out pain, and I was out of alignment. Not only did she rapidly treat my painful sciatica but she got my body where it needed to be to have my ideal birth- natural, with no medications or interventions. Without Pam’s weekly work and emotional support, I feel I would not have accomplished my goal and be where I am today. I would highly recommend her to anyone who requires precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment. It’s the only medical office I have been in in NY where if you have an appointment at 10:00, Pam walks in your room at 9:59. Talk about respect for her client’s time. She is sharp as a whip and has a memory like you wouldn’t believe, always referring back to your history with out even looking at notes. She does all this with compassion and professionalism that you wont find anywhere in NY. Pam is fantastic, if you choose her you won’t be disappointed.

Jessika, 35, NYC

Leah was born with IA (imperforate anus). For most people diagnosed with this, constipation and/or incontinence is an inevitable way of life. I was fortunate enough to find out about Pamela Morrison’s therapy through various recommendations – one led to the next.

During Leah’s first visit, Pam discussed some diet changes and the type of therapy she’d try with Leah. It took about 2 – 3 visits and Leah was having daily voluntary bowel movements! Whereas before Leah needed fiber powder, laxatives and/or dilations to produce a bowel movement every other day. Now she is going as if it were the most natural thing in the world!

We’re keeping up with Leah’s diet and sporadic visits to the office. We’re so thankful for this miracle. For all of those who know someone with IA (imperforate anus) – know that there is help out there! Visit Pamela’s office and see the difference.

Thank you Pamela and Marie for all you’ve done and continue doing for Leah and us. You will never fully know how much of a difference you have made to a 2 year olds life (and that of her family). May god bless you.

Leah, age 2, testimonial from Leah’s mother, Renee K., Spring Valley, NYC

Over the past decade or two, seeking relief from back and buttocks pain, I have seen variety of doctors and physical therapists, but amazed when I was first referred to Pamela Morrison. I have been unable to sit without pain for nearly 20 years.  She was the first person bar none (including medical doctors and PT) who so thoroughly questioned me and examined me for an hour and half for starters and who came up with a diagnosis that at last seemed to hit the nail on the head which was pudendal neuralgia. She is a wonderful diagnostician and her skillful treatments made me ask her if her hands were insured.  After 8 sessions over the summer, I can now sit for the first time without pain for a long period of time.  When I return to the US from Japan again, I will continue to work with Pamela Morrison to resolve my pain completely.

Ken, 70, Tokyo

Pamela Morrison is the most effective physical therapist I’ve had and I’ve tried 3 different therapist in 2 different states. She takes a personal interest in her patients’ recovery, but more importantly, her level of expertise is unsurpassed. I was impressed by her intimate knowledge of the female pelvic floor and ways to treat it. I learned from her so much and things that my two previous therapists didn’t tell me/ or didn’t know to tell. Pamela has helped my condition tremendously. Because of this I travel to NYC from Westchester County to be her patient. She is very informed about the newest and most modern ideas on PT, utilizing internal electrical stimulation and biofeedback that is incredibly helpful for patients with visualizing their muscle work and progress. Pamela Morrison is an amazing physical therapist and I recommend her practice without hesitation.

Katia, 34, Tuckahoe, NY

Pamela Morrison, PT, MS, DPT, BCB-PMD, IMTC, is the best at what she does. I first came to her knowing very little about my condition (vulvodynia). I was feeling rather hopeless and scared that my sex life would never return to normal. Dr. Morrison taught me so much about my body and my condition. She guided me through exercises, different “alternative” treatments and really improved my quality of life and my sex life. I’m moving to another city this month and am a bit nervous about leaving Dr. Morrison behind! Luckily, she was able to recommend a colleague in my new city and I’m feeling hopeful that my recovery will be complete in no time at all. Thank you so much, Dr. Morrison, for excelling in your field!

Shani, 24, NY, NY

Pamela Morrison, PT, MS, DPT, BCB-PMD, IMTC is a master. She diagnosed the source of my pelvic pain and connected me with an expert OB/GYN. She has helped so many different parts of me feel better. Her expertise helped give me the courage to have a baby because I knew she’d be there to support and rehabilitate me after birth. She fixed my sacral pain in one visit after almost four months of bed rest. She is truly an integrative physician. She knows how all the systems interact, which makes her a great solver of complex issues. You can throw anything at Dr. Morrison – digestive pain, bladder issues, pelvic floor dysfunction, a stiff neck and she responds with deep knowledge and healing hands. She is wonderful.

K.S., 36, NYC

I am 32, and lived with vulvodynia for many years. I was apprehensive about going off my pain medication (Gabapentin ) when my husband and I decided we wanted to get pregnant. I began treatment with Rivka Friedman, PT, MS, DPT. I was amazed at how well my body responded to pelvic floor therapy.  I was able to feel as good and even occasionally better than I had while using medication. The treatment helped me manage my pain so I could focus on other areas of my life. I also appreciated the compassion and listening ear Rivka offered throughout my sessions.

Ann, 32, Astoria, NY

I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s disease which caused gastrointestinal issues, TMJ pain, chronic headaches, vulvodynia, rectal pain and hemorrhoids. I have been in physical therapy for the last 8 years with some improvement. I’ve been under the care of Dr. Morrison for the last 3 months and I’ve seen more improvement in these last 3 months then I’ve seen over my full course of treatment. I truly believe Dr. Morrison would have been able to completely get me better if my body wasn’t still fighting Lyme’s disease. My pelvic floor is the most improved. My burning is almost completely gone. My rectal pain and hemorrhoids are much better. I can even tolerate an increased amount of exercise without flaring my pelvic floor. I can walk 4-5 miles now versus 1-2 miles prior to treatment. Dr. Morrison has greatly improved my digestion and chronic pain in my head and jaw. I do not always need to take my reflux medicine as I did prior to treatment. I’ve been able to wear my bite plate for my TMJ less hours of the day than before treatment. Dr. Morrison is one of the most gifted practitioners and I have seen practitioners from  all over the country. I highly recommend Dr. Morrison for anyone suffering.

Aimee, 37, California

I woke in the middle of the night in excruciating pain, unable to stand erect. It was scary. I saw an orthopedist, had an MRI, and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, nerve impingement, and various low back problems. The solution: pain pills and epidural injections, which were also very scary. I had to find a better way than epidural injections every six months. I searched online for a physical therapist. Pamela Morrison’s website attracted me as it is informative, filled with testimonials like this one and statements of the different therapies going on in the practice. I had accompanied my husband to his physical therapy sessions at another practice and his treatment consisted mostly of ice packs, heat packs, and various machines. I did not want that. When you meet Pam you know she is smart; she is listening to you and she really wants to help you. She is very hands-on, not relying on machines. If I didn’t know it was science, I would say that Pam’s hands are magic. In a 45-minute session with her she finds all the knots, all the tight and hard spots. She brings energy and relaxation to the area. She works on the body to make it healthy and strong. Each time I left I felt stronger, until now I am mostly pain free. Pam devised an exercise program specifically for me – to do at home. I follow the program and I am doing well. I have been discharged. She is an amazing physical therapist. I consider myself lucky to have found her and I absolutely recommend her to you!

Helene, 77, NYC

I came to Dr. Morrison with some problems after my baby was born. She and her team fixed me up well, and also corrected some other longstanding alignment issues. Most of all, I feel empowered to keep myself strong even now that I’m no longer seeing the PT regularly.

Katie, NYC

I came to Pamela about 12 weeks post-partum, having delivered a 9lb 6oz baby and wondering if I would ever feel ‘normal’ again. A few months later and I feel better than I did before giving birth! Pamela is great – supportive and knowledgeable, she immediately puts you at ease and gives you confidence that you will get better. Not without some work on your part of course, but with Pamela on your side you feel that you will get there and there is hope! I feel so much stronger and am able to enjoy carrying my baby which at one point I didn’t think would ever happen. I highly recommend Pamela to anyone who is having post-partum issues. My son and I have felt very welcome there and Marie on the front desk is also warm and professional.  I can’t say thank you enough!

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Caroline, NYC