Vaginismus is described as an involuntary contraction or tightening of the pelvic floor or vaginal muscles in response to attempted penetration.  There are many possible causes such as anxiety, prior physical experiences that may have been traumatic, childbirth, hormonal changes, surgery, or a medical problem.  If penetration is painful or there is a history of pain with intercourse, a cycle of pelvic muscle spasm can occur.

How can Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, P.C. help Vaginismus?

Following a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation, treatment may include correction of any misaligned joints of the spine, pelvis, sacrum, and coccyx.  The pelvic floor muscle activity can be influenced by the supporting joints and/or the nerve pathways.  Relaxation training, biofeedback, manual therapy, stretching exercises, prescriptive therapeutic exercise, electrical stimulation, heat modalities, and vaginal dilators may be incorporated into your therapy program.  A physical therapy approach to vaginismus has been very effective for our patients.