Infertility - Adhesions formed from Infection, Surgery, or Trauma

Myofascial restrictions or adhesions (abnormal connective tissue cross linking) can bind pelvic organs or structures together.  Adhesions involving the female reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus, Fallopian tubes) can and do cause infertility. Pelvic, sacrum, coccyx, and/or spinal joint malalignment may compromise normal physiological processes necessary to facilitate pregnancy.

How can Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, P.C. help with infertility?

Your comprehensive evaluation at Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, P.C. can determine if there are any myofascial adhesions or joint dysfunctions.  A study has shown that myofascial assessment and release of pelvic and abdominal structures can improve fertility and successful IVF outcomes.  Deep abdominal massage, also called Mayan massage, performed by our expert physical therapists may help with achieving successful pregnancy. Specific visceral (organ) and urogenital manipulation techniques require advanced trained physical therapists to perform.  Our therapists have undergone extensive training to provide expert care.