Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

PrePostSurgicalRehabWe offer high quality individualized pre and post surgical rehabilitation. Pre-surgical care entails preparing the patient for optimal strength and range of motion prior to surgery. Studies show that pre-surgical rehabilitation facilitates a better surgical outcome and it also shortens the duration of post-operative rehabilitation. Therefore, your surgeon may refer you to us 6 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery to prepare your body for surgery. Pre-surgical rehabilitation is very comprehensive. Precautions and/or movement restrictions for after surgery may be instructed. Supportive garments, belts, and cushions may be discussed and issued. Icing protocols may also be instructed as most patients are prescribed to ice the area that is operated on frequently during the immediate post-operative phase. You may be instructed on how to use a cane, crutches, or walker as an assistive device for walking. We instruct you in a prescriptive home exercise program specifically designed to strengthen and improve flexibility to the area. This would maximize your range of motion post-operatively. Pre-operative rehab may be one visit or you may be seen for multiple visits. Commonly treated orthopedic procedures include rotator cuff repair, total joint replacements, arthroscopic knee surgeries (i.e. meniscal repairs), arthroscopic hip surgeries (i.e. labral repairs), Achilles tendon repairs, nerve releases (i.e. pudendal nerve, median nerve) and neck and back surgery. In the post-operative rehabilitation phase our goals are to decrease pain and inflammation, restore normal range of motion, resume normal activities of daily living, improve weight bearing and gait pattern, and increase strength and flexibility. Scar tissue will be addressed via manual therapies such as skin rolling and myofascial release. We also utilize state-of-the-art pain modalities such as electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cold (low-level) laser, ice, hot packs, and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). Our gym has an advanced cable column system, free weights, balance rehab devices, Therabands, Total Gym, rebounder, and much more.