Our Patient with Primary Vestibulodynia Had Successful Vestibulectomy Surgery- Her testimonial:

Posted by on Jan 31, 2015 in Testimonials

I wanted to make sure I passed along the good news to you, as I have never managed to express just how much you helped me. I found you through a random Google search at the darkest hour- I was beyond depressed about the situation, at the time. I was actually close to not wanting to live anymore. What I loved so much about therapy with you was that you let me talk about my feelings while we worked. My other PT elsewhere had told me at our first meeting, that she wasn’t there to listen to my emotional problems- that those were best directed at a therapist, not at her. It was more helpful to me that you allowed me to work out some of those intense feelings that were so connected to the pain you were helping me work to alleviate. You were also the first person to tell me that this (PT) was only a piece of the puzzle, and that I needed more help. That I hadn’t gotten very good medical care over the years and also that the surgery wasn’t taboo or dangerous (a sentiment that had always been conveyed to me before.). So I made a goal to get the surgery before the end of 2014 with Dr. Andrew Goldstein, and through a very crazy adventurous plan I saved the money for the surgery, and I did it. And guess what? I could tell by the third week that the crazy “ring of fire” pain was gone because I got my period that week. Usually when I get my period, it’s like my crotch is on fire. And instead all I felt was the same old regular wound pain from surgery that I’d been feeling already- that bad stuff in there? It’s GONE. I can tell already, I haven’t put anything inside there yet, but I can tell I have a whoooole new situation down there- a good one! I was never able to really look at my own vagina before- i hated it and myself- it was just this angry, sad source of pain, always. I’m overwhelmed sometimes now, just glancing in the mirror and seeing it- seeing myself- and not hating myself for the first time ever. At least, that’s what it feels like. I can suddenly see this beautiful young woman standing there, whereas before I only saw pain.