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Cross-Friction Massage Applied to the Inguinal Ligament After Hip Surgery

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Tension along the inguinal ligament can be a cause of groin, hip, genital, abdominal, or pelvic pain. The inguinal ligament attaches to the anterior superior iliac crest of the ilium and inserts onto the pubic tubercle of the pubic bone. The inguinal ligament is formed by the external oblique muscle aponeurosis and continues to be come the fascia lata of the thigh. Many lower quadrant structures are influenced by the inguinal ligament based on its location and surrounding structures. The femoral nerve, artery, and vein run underneath the inguinal ligament and if compressed can cause nerve...

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Vulvar Varicosities and Scoliosis in a Pregnant Patient

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This incredible pregnant patient complained of heaviness in the vulvovaginal area and mild low back pain. Looking at her from the front we see a curve along her right flank or rib cage (scoliosis) and varicosities along her right thigh. Scoliosis appears more pronounced when looking directly at the spine. There is an un-leveling at the shoulders, scapulas, ribcage, and pelvis, also an ā€œSā€ curve is noted. She also has mild vulvar swelling on the right and a vulvar varicosity on the right labia majora and interlabial sulcus. This causes her sense a of vulvar heaviness. Her spinal mobility was...

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