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Figuring Out Pelvic Pain Isn’t Easy

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We treat female and male pelvic pain successfully therefore I’m pressing the “This Is Easy Button”. The pelvis is so complex and called the “hub of the wheel” meaning most musculoskeletal function occurs off of it. We need to have abdominopelvic stability to efficiently move our arms and legs or extremities. Digestion, elimination, and genital-reproduction functions, and emotional holding all occur in this high traffic area. I refer to it as “high traffic” because of all the connecting muscles, blood vessels, and nerves that cross through. Compression of nerves such as the genitofemoral,...

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Scoliosis & Pelvic Pain

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Scoliosis can play a huge factor in chronic pelvic pain. Notice how high her right iliac crest is compared to the left. There is even an indent on the left side on top of the iliac crest and not the other. There is an obvious curvature. Imagine the superior shearing forces placed on the right sacroiliac joint, sacrotuberous ligament, sacral plexus, pelvic floor muscles, and other attaching structures. This posturing can cause pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, vulvar pain, low back pain, and pubic pain. Those are all of this postpartum patients symptoms. During treatment we must address the...

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