Posts made in October, 2014

Helping Breech Through Manual Physical Therapy

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Pregnancy

We helped yet another pregnant patient avoid a version and likely cesarean section by performing a series of manual therapies to her pelvis and allowing her baby to correct its breech position. Great day in the office!

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Our latest testimonial from a patient with chronic pelvic pain who is relocating to another state:

Posted by on Oct 6, 2014 in Testimonials

Thank you for your care, support, and kindness over the last 9 months. Thank you for all the extra time you have taken talking and emailing doctors on my behalf. I have never encountered such compassion in a medical practitioner. I have deeply appreciated your support. All the best- Elissa

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Successful Vaginal Delivery of Macrosomia Baby with Pelvic Mobilization/Manual Therapies

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in Pregnancy

Our lovely patient was determined to have a natural vaginal delivery although her obstetrician told her she would likely need a caesarean (C-section). Fetal macrosomia is defined as a fetus weighing more than 8 lbs,13 ounces. Our patient’s baby determined weight was over 10 lbs. Her mother had birthed 2 macrosomia babies (one of them was her) vaginally so perhaps she could too! Why not give her every opportunity to have the birthing experience she desires? After several sessions aligning her pelvis and maximizing her pelvic mobility through various manual therapies, she delivered her...

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