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Decreasing Diastasis Recti in Subsequent Pregnancies

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Diastasis recti in a postpartum patient, shown in the top photo below, is 3 finger width. The test being performed is a standard manual measurement whereby the patient curls their head up off the surface (as in a classic mini crunch) and the therapist measures the distance between the rectus abdominus muscles. The botttom image is showing the recti edges delineated via manual palpation, so one can confirm the findings. We also measure the inter-recti distance via rehabilitative ultrasound. The linea alba, the thick connective tissue structure that connects the left and right abdominal recti...

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Bladder Rentention

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In this photo we are measuring post residual void using rehabilitative ultrasound in our office! Post residual void is the amount of urine left in your bladder after you have urinated. Believe it or not there usually is a small amount of urine left in the bladder after emptying it, which is considered normal. In other words, it does not completely empty when you urinate. The volume of post residual void which is normal in patients over 65 is less than 50 mL; less than 100 mL is considered acceptable, but is considered abnormal in younger patients. Patients sometimes feel bladder pressure,...

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