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30 Years of Dentistry & Many Dollars Later Patient Gets Relief After 1 PT Visit

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The patient reported having onset of dizziness 30 years ago and undergoing dentistry with mouth guard/bite plate fittings with 3 different TMJ/TMD specialists overtime. His jaw was clicking and he also had poor occlusion or closing. But despite good mouth guards and pillow posture, he awakened with feelings of extreme dizziness, haziness, and could not leave the house for work in the morning until it cleared. Here were the golden questions during our history taking: “Have you ever had a motor vehicle accident!?” And the answer was “Yes, I’ve had 3 and all hit from behind.” Now we realize...

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Patient with Chronic Pelvic Pain Presents with Severe Swayback

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Posture does matter! Swayback posture is when the spine hinges backwards or extends through one or more segments. It is one of the leading causes of low back pain. This patient has a sway back with a hinge at T12-L2 vertebral segments. In sway back your the chest lean backwards, with hips turned in and pelvis and chin thrust forward. The spine extends backwards from the hinge region. Ideally, a neutral pelvis (the ideal position) supports a mild lumbar curve (called a normal lordosis) in the low back. The spine stacks correctly upwards with even transmission of forces. Swayback posture...

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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

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It’s time women ended the silence of their suffering. Women with Endometriosis suffer from pelvic pain, bloating, painful periods, painful intercourse, digestive issues, elimination problems, excessive bleeding, headaches, depression, infertility and inability to perform activities of daily living. We are passionate about helping this population. The best way to approach endometriosis is through a multidisciplinary approach which includes a skilled and experienced physical therapist that specializes in pelvic pain and myofascial release techniques, including visceral mobilization. At Pamela...

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