30 Years of Dentistry & Many Dollars Later Patient Gets Relief After 1 PT Visit

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The patient reported having onset of dizziness 30 years ago and undergoing dentistry with mouth guard/bite plate fittings with 3 different TMJ/TMD specialists overtime. His jaw was clicking and he also had poor occlusion or closing. But despite good mouth guards and pillow posture, he awakened with feelings of
extreme dizziness, haziness, and could not leave the house for work in the morning until it cleared. Here were the golden questions during our history taking: “Have you ever had a motor vehicle accident!?” And the answer was “Yes, I’ve had 3 and all hit from behind.” Now we realize that the patient should have been screened via MRI and physical therapy 30 years ago due to the multiple whiplash injuries. Such injuries can impact the jaw. As the head whips backwards the jaw is thrusted forwards. Severe tension is exerted on the muscles and tendons involved with the temporomandibular joint and the disc in the joint can become displaced causing a click. The TM joint soft tissues can be strain/sprained and cause pain and symptoms in many parts of the head. We requested an MRI and there areseveral levels of bulging or herniated C/S discs and stenosis and arthritic changes. The focus of the treatments has been addressing his cervical spine. Because of the association between the first cervical vertebrae and Temporomandibular Joint we are addressing both structures together. Our patient can now leave his home to start his day before 9:00am because his dizziness is less intense and abates sooner. A true success story! We treat pelvic issues and all orthopedic issues for men and women.