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Myofascial Release & Deep Tissue Work to Improve Nerve Pain

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When patients complains of “sciatica”, pain around the sitting bones, or pelvic pain upon sitting, it is important to fully assess the mobility of the nerves in the area. Nerves move through muscle and connective tissue like floss. Any microadhesions or abnormal connections can impede mobility and the signal along the nerve, cause burning, tingling, or aches, and cause weakness to a muscle. By using myofascial release and deep tissue massage we can release the microadhesions along the nerve path. Here we are helping a patient with sciatic nerve pain and cluneal nerve pain. Her symptoms...

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Balancing the Respiratory and Pelvic Diaphragms (Pelvic Floor)

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Here we are treating a pregnant patient who is preparing for labor and delivery. Because the pelvic floor muscles traverse the body it is considered to function as a diaphragm by many. When we tested the mobility of her diaphragms they were out of sync. The respiratory and pelvic diaphragms should move in coordination together. This could impact breathing and efficiency of delivery. This technique helps to release any tension and asymmetries and correct excursion in the diaphragms. The patient only feels mild pressure over the rib cage and pelvic bone (ilia). This is a strain-counterstrain...

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