Myofascial Release & Deep Tissue Work to Improve Nerve Pain

Posted by on Apr 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

When patients complains of “sciatica”, pain around the sitting bones, or pelvic pain upon sitting, it is important to fully assess the mobility of the nerves in the area. Nerves move through muscle and connective tissue like floss. Any microadhesions or abnormal connections can impede mobility and the signal along the nerve, cause burning, tingling, or aches, and cause weakness to a muscle. By using myofascial release and deep tissue massage we can release the microadhesions along the nerve path. Here we are helping a patient with sciatic nerve pain and cluneal nerve pain. Her symptoms include pain referring down the back of her leg which is the sciatic nerve path and pain along her sits bone (ischial tuberosity) which is the inferior cluneal nerve path. Using long deep tissue and superficial myofascial release strokes along the hamstrings and skin rolling with deep strokes along the sits bones we can alleviate pain. Specific movement patterns of the limb or pelvis can help further mobilize the nerve to reestablish its normal range of motion. There are positional tests that we perform before and after the session to note progress of less pain and increased range of motion. Come see us for any pelvic nerve pain!