Diastasis recti

Patient with 9 Fingers Width Diastasis Recti (Separation of the Rectus Abdominus Muscles) Reduced to 2.5 Fingers Width with Expert Physical Therapy

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Diastasis recti

After vaginal delivery of singleton following twins, this patient came to us having undergone the Tuppler technique for months. Convinced she would likely need surgery I told her we have had terrific success with this diagnosis using manual therapies, prescriptive exercises, abdominal binders, and taping techniques. Within 10 weeks of being seen once a week at our practice and compliance with her home program, she is achieving her goal. We are thrilled for her! See her before (already reduced to six fingers width) and after images. Diastasis Recti can be measured along the linea alba...

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Taping Techniques Effective for Improving Diastasis Recti

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in Diastasis recti

Our patient has quite a significant gap between her rectus abdominis muscles after having twins. It has already reduced to 6 fingers width at the umbilicus from 9. Besides manual therapy and therapeutic prescriptive exercises, improving connective tissue laxity can be achieved through taping. Providing support through specific taping can really help reduce the gap and give the patient an added awareness of utilizing those muscles for stabilizing her trunk. She also wears an abdominal binder.

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Post Partum Patient with 9 Finger Diastasis Recti

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Diastasis recti

Undergoing physical therapy with us following delivery of twins and then 2 years later a singleton, this lovely post partum patient’s diastasis recti (separation of the rectus abdominis muscles) has started to close by 2 fingers above, at, and below the umbilicus or navel. We have her in an abdominal binder 24 hours 7 days per week, performing advanced manual therapies, neuromuscular rehabilitation of her core muscles, visceral mobilization, biomechanics and movement re-education, breathing re-education, and prescriptive therapeutic exercises! She is on her way to a full recovery or to...

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Diastasis Recti

Posted by on Jul 6, 2014 in Diastasis recti

Using this awesome taping technique in conjunction with specific diastasis recti corrective exercises, manual therapies, use of an abdominal binder, and improved motor planning this patient had a reduction of a 3 finger diastasis recti width to 1.5 fingers and improved abdominal connective tissue appearance over several weeks. The inner or medial horizontal taping technique helped to approximate the rectus abdominus muscle (also known as the six-pack) and the outer or lateral taping, known as the “y” or “w” techniques, is indicated for support of connective tissues...

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Treating Postpartum Patient with 2 Finger Diastasis Recti

Posted by on Nov 1, 2013 in Diastasis recti, Pregnancy

We just evaluated a post partum patient (12 weeks) who was told by her pilates instructor that she had a 4 finger diastasis recti and when we tested her it was only a 2 finger separation. She was relieved and is on her road to recovery now. We had her stop the pilates until her abdominal wall comes back together using an abdominal binder and prescriptive exercises. Diastasis recti is a separation between the left and right side of the abdominal muscle which covers the front surface of the belly area called the rectus abdominis muscle. Diastasis recti is a common condition during pregnancy....

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