Patient with 9 Fingers Width Diastasis Recti (Separation of the Rectus Abdominus Muscles) Reduced to 2.5 Fingers Width with Expert Physical Therapy

Posted by on Apr 20, 2015 in Diastasis recti

After vaginal delivery of singleton following twins, this patient came to us having undergone the Tuppler technique for months. Convinced she would likely need surgery I told her we have had terrific success with this diagnosis using manual therapies, prescriptive exercises, abdominal binders, and taping techniques. Within 10 weeks of being seen once a week at our practice and compliance with her home program, she is achieving her goal. We are thrilled for her! See her before (already reduced to six fingers width) and after images. Diastasis Recti can be measured along the linea alba (midline abdominal connective tissue) using fingers width of the clinician as the patient performs a curl up maneuver (mini sit up). If you’re having issues with Diastasis Recti, come see us regardless of the severity or how you’ve had it!

Patient with 9 Fingers width distasis recti_1 Patient with 9 Fingers Width Distasis Recti_2