Diastasis Recti

Posted by on Jul 6, 2014 in Diastasis recti

Using this awesome taping technique in conjunction with specific diastasis recti corrective exercises, manual therapies, use of an abdominal binder, and improved motor planning this patient had a reduction of a 3 finger diastasis recti width to 1.5 fingers and improved abdominal connective tissue appearance over several weeks. The inner or medial horizontal taping technique helped to approximate the rectus abdominus muscle (also known as the six-pack) and theĀ outer or lateral taping, known as the “y” or “w” techniques, is indicated for support of connective tissues and abdomen to promote healing post partum. This was done for the patient by Dr. Rivka Friedman, DPT in our office. Prescriptive physical therapy with excellent results! After several more weeks, the diastasis further improved to 1.0 fingers width. On her way to a full recovery!

July 6th