C-Section Scar Mobilization

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All women who have undergone a C-section would benefit from physical therapy to help prevent scar mobility restrictions and optimize appearance of the post-operative scar. Physical therapy can occur postpartum when the area is healed and you are cleared by your physician. Scar mobility techniques can be applied directly to the scar when it is still a little swollen and red. However, if the physician did not recommend it you can benefit at any time from scar tissue mobilization, even years afterwards. Ask your provider for a prescription for physical therapy for abdominal wall scar mobilization. In the image, thid patient came to us for treatment for a diastasis recti which we treated her for and she had incredible improvements. But we mentioned that we could help with her C-section scar. She reported that her scar is painful and sensitive on the left side more than right because the surgeon closed it on the left giving more sutures. The incision area was used twice for two C-sections making the scar even more dense. The techniques we use for scars includes myofascial release, different scar/connective tissue mobilization techniques, cold laser, and therapeutic ultrasound. These techniques help to improve scar mobility, reduce pain, improve scar appearance, and can reduce “muffin top” or belly pouching appearance. We also promote topical cream to help with healing. Patients are instructed in a home program to get better faster.