Supportive Taping for Postpartum Belly Stretch Marks

Posted by on May 1, 2019 in Uncategorized

We evaluate and treat postpartum women for core weakness including the abdominals, pelvic floor muscles, respiratory diaphragm, and deep low back muscles called the multifidus. This also includes treating any diastasis recti that may exist. Sometimes the woman expresses concern over extensive stretch marks or connective tissue laxity causing a belly pouch or distension and bloating. Using topical scar creams and oils on the stretch marks can be very beneficial. But because the abdominal muscles and belly connective tissue has been overly stretched providing external support is very helpful. Support can be provided by a belly band however taping the area is even more beneficial by supporting the connective tissue and giving neural input to the brain for activation of the abdominal muscles. Here we taped a postpartum woman to provide connective tissue support to the abdominal connective tissue and to signal the brain to pay attention and recruit the abdominal muscles for all activities of daily living. The patients report feeling more comfort and added support to the abdominal region. Exercise is prescribed as well. Similar taping techniques to approximate the rectus abdominis muscles can be added if the patient has a diastasis recti.