Success- A Breech Positioned Baby Turns After 2 Physical Therapy Sessions!

Posted by on May 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

Here is the ultrasound image of our patient’s baby who has now assumed the correct position of head down from breech position. We had quickly evaluated her and found asymmetry in her pelvic girdle and a mild sacral torsion or rotation. This means that sacroiliac joints were misaligned. These findings may have made it challenging for the baby to properly find its way head down due to lack of room or tension in the uterus-making movement for the baby more challenging. If the sacroiliac joints/pelvis are not in alignment it can result in a tension or pulling of the uterosacral ligament(s) or round ligaments. The uterus can then be torsioned or become tight on one side. During treatment we performed manual therapies to the pelvic, abdominal, low back and sacral regions, gentle pelvic and sacroiliac joint mobilizations, strain counterstrain techniques to the pelvic diaphragm, prescriptive pelvic mobility exercises, and applied some of the Spinning Babies techniques. We also asked the patient to go swimming, drink more water, and to try to address some of the emotional issues she had going on. Emotional support and understanding was provided during the sessions as well as positive affirmations that the baby is active, does change positions, has time, and may very well assume proper positioning. She is thrilled now that the baby turned and so are we! She did not undergo concurrent acupunture although many of our patients do and find success as well. She shared her ultrasound image!