Manual Therapy for the Obturator Internus

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At Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy we use advanced manual therapies for pelvic pain in male and female patients. Here we are treating a male with chronic pelvic pain/chronic prostatitis. The target muscle we are treating here is the obturator internus. This muscle is located in the obturator fossa of the pelvis and is innervated by L2-4 nerve. We are performing a myofascial release technique using ischemic pressure (whereby manual pressure is placed on the muscle for prolonged amount of time) and having the patient perform an active movement of the hip into external rotation repeatedly. This movement pattern is referred to as “the clam” by many. This combined effort of therapist and patient many times results in the best muscle relaxation and pain relief. Because the obturator internus has fascial connections onto the pelvic floor muscles and this fascia also helps to create Alcock’s canal (which houses the pudendal nerve, artery and vein) this technique helps to relieve symptoms of overactive pelvic floor, pudendal nerve irritation, sexual pain, and bladder symptoms. Come see us for expert care of your pelvic pain.

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