Abdominal Pain, Adhesions, Belching, Constipation, Pelvic Floor Dyssynergia all Improving with Pelvic Physical Therapy

Posted by on Apr 21, 2015 in Pelvic Organ Prolapse

CT scan with contrast reveals pelvic organ prolapse, renal cysts, history of sigmoid resection and internal rod fixation, small and large colon filled with air, and angulation of bowel loops suggestive of more adhesions. This patient has had treatment with us consisting of visceral mobilization, myofascial release and other advanced manual therapies, sEMG biofeedback, pelvic floor rehab, toilet posture/habit and diet retraining, stress reduction techniques, and neuromuscular re-education. Belching is significantly less, dyssynergia is 60% improved so far, reduced abdominal bloating, improved mood, improved diet and toilet posture. Heading towards significant recovery due to pelvic rehab with us!

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