Optimizing Labor and Delivery Through Manual Physical Therapy Techniques:

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in Pregnancy

Dr. Pamela Morrison just returned from the national physical therapy conference in Indianapolis, Indiana and had presented a 2-hour lecture to physical therapists from around the country on “Optimizing Labor and Delivery Through Manual Physical Therapy Techniques”! She and her staff are experts in this area. By applying manual therapies to the pelvis, labor and delivery can be made more efficient! Releasing tightness around the pelvis, hips, and pelvic floor muscles and realigning joints can improve the pelvic biomechanics quite a bit. Feb 10thShe also attended courses on sexual counseling, the pelvic floor in the female athlete, the effect on lower extremity dysfunction on the pelvic floor and incontinence, how diet can play a role in pelvic pain, visceral mobilization and many more! Her staff will be updated on all the new materials presented. It is our job to keep ourselves updated to provide the best possible care and to teach others with our knowledge!