Shoulder Rehab at Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy

Posted by on Nov 3, 2014 in Shoulder Rehabilitation

A patient from Saudi Arabia came to see us and underwent 2 weeks of intensive treatment for shoulder pain! Her doctor in Saudi Arabia referred her to us! Besides being pelvic experts, we all have expertise in general orthopedics. She saw us for rotator cuff tendinopathy which is a general term for rotator cuff tendon issues. Her MRI revealed supraspinatus tendonitis (which is an inflammation of the tendon) and she demonstrated shoulder impingement symptoms when she elevated her arm. Intensive manual therapies, neuromuscular re-education, postural education / changes, movement re-education, prescriptive therapeutic exercises, and modalities for pain put this patient on her road to recovery.Nov 3rd

Her treatment consisted of an entire upper/lower quadrant approach including screening and treatment of her neck, thoracic spine, thoracic inlet, rib cage, viscera, breathing pattern, scapula movement pattern, and pelvis (of course). She was sent back to her PT in Saudi Arabia with a very detailed treatment plan. How fortunate we were to be involved in this patient’s care!