Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Program

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Pediatric Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction

Here you can see our fun “rocket video game” surface EMG biofeedback pelvic floor muscle training program used for our pediatric population. 6-year-old Nick came to see us 4 weeks ago with his mom because of nightly bed-wetting or nocturnal enuresis and chronic constipation. He has always worn a pull-up diaper to bed despite having full control during the day since age 3. A full evaluation was performed which included an orthopedic screening, external pelvic floor muscle evaluation, visceral mobility/mobility exam and a surface EMG biofeedback test of his pelvic floor muscle function/recruitment. Behavioral patterns, diet, and activity level were reviewed. His treatment has consisted of dietary changes to increase his fiber and fluid intake, bladder and bowel diaries, behavioral modification, manual therapies to restore normal visceral mobility/motility and pelvic alignment, pelvic floor muscle re-education, and surface EMG biofeedback training. When Nick relaxes his pelvic floor muscles correctly the rocket flies out to space and when Nick contracts his pelvic floor muscles correctly, the rocket docks onto the space station and makes a really cool landing sound. After treatment session 3, his constipation was resolved and after his 5th session he is completely dry at night and no longer wearing pull-up diapers! Very successful case. Congrats to Nick!


Feb 19th